Posted by: Andy | July 15, 2008

yet another house

so yeah, another offer made…basically the day the place went on the market for the first time.

will we get it?

well, there is no sane reason why we wouldn’t – we offered exactly what the seller asked!

yes, we are THAT tired of hunting.  no, but seriously, it’s worth what they are asking, and someone else would have offered and topped us if we hadn’t started there.

soooo…yeah, we’ll find out tomorrow and maybe good things do come in 3s and we’ll have some happy news for californians.

….have I mentioned that I’m addicted to trail mix in the evening?  fruit n’ nuts. yum yum.


Surprise!  They are getting another offer.

I tell you…me+jen = perfect litmus test for a good house.  If we BOTH like it your house WILL sell for what you ask for it OR more.

NO we’re not out of the running yet, they are supposed to tell us by 9 tonight.  Whatever, I already know what the answer is going to be.  If someone knows there is an offer in and they STILL want to put in an offer…they are going to outbid us, and I really don’t want to play that game.


🙂  Go us!  I guess we were not outbid.  Crazy.

Now for the next round of drama….inspections, loan specifics, negotiations and big debt.  Go big debt!



  1. ah lame! and GO big debt!


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