Posted by: Andy | July 23, 2008

more biker bitching

So, headed west on Broadway….one of those silly double-decker-clown-bikes.  Guy is riding in the middle of the right lane.  Right next to the bike lane. Next to the bike lane.  FOR BIKES.  He’s next to it, not in it.  They made a special lane…just for his special ass, and he’s decided he’s too special even for that and needs to occupy MY lane, very slowly.

So yeah, I pull into the other lane and go around him.  He gives me a dirty look.  SERIOUSLY?

Jesus people, you wonder why drivers get annoyed with you?  Don’t be a goddam jackass.



  1. Laws must be passed. Laws stipulating that in such events, it is perfectly legal to “assist” him in finding his designated lane. With your fender.


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