Posted by: Andy | July 30, 2008

stress & links

We’re under a ton of stress lately with the new house purchase thing, and with (finally) moving Z to a new daycare (starts next week! scary!) and some other stuff.   Hence the low post count.

So here are some interesting/amusing links to tide you over until I have more to say.

Media reporting on media, and doing it badly.  We love you Fox, because at least you’re up front about what you stand for.

The grooviness of a language without numbers.  Specific ones at least.

An (old, but still interesting because he doesn’t give many) interview with John Twelve Hawks (not his real name of course), author of The Traveler & Dark River.

In stark contrast to 12Hawks’ media scarcity is the website of Brandon Sanderson, author of the Mistborn series and the upcoming final Wheel of Time book.  He blogs regularly, as well as actually documenting his progress on the books he is working on!  He also provides annotations on the individual chapters in the Mistborn books – and these are fascinating reads to someone like me.  I only hope he finishes the book 2 annotions soon!  Here’s an index of the blog posts he made about re-reading the Wheel of Time series in preparation for writing A Memory of Light.

The religions hardliners (I still think “Christianist” is a silly word) are taking over the GoP…at least in Iowa.  Surprise!

The most beautiful suicide.  That’s what the folks are calling it.  Definitely one of the more serene images of death I’ve seen, especially such a horribly violent one.

Everyone loves stupid crooks.  Not quite a darwin award contender, but amusing nonetheless.

Stephen King’s acceptance speech for the National Book Award in 2003.  I must have thought this was interesting for some reason, but I can’t remember why now.  I think it was a big deal because “consumer fiction” doesn’t usually win?

A useful comparison of McCain & Obama’s tax plans.

That Novak guy, he’s some famous journalist I guess I’m not familiar with him, ran into a pedestrian with his car and then tried to get away.  An eyewitness claimed that the man was “splayed up onto the windshield and hood”. Sure, he’ll be able to afford a fancy lawyer and probably won’t see a second of prison time, but at least he got caught.  PS. I love the way our legal system favors MONEY MONEY AND MONEY.

An insider’s commentary/opinion on the suckiness of air travel (in the US).

The famous “Last Lecture” video.  There’s a lot to explain, so I won’t bother, you can google stuff for yourself (Randy Pausch), but it IS worth you making the time to watch it, even if spread out over a few days. Even if it doesn’t seem relevant to your life, check it out.  He is (or *was* I should say 😦 ) a very inspirational figure, and (especially by the end) you can tell what a great lecture writer he is.

Piglet with monkey face. The only thing I can add to that wonderful headline is that I think it looks more like a cyclops face.

They forgot a few.  I guess “Conservative”  = “Christian” these days…which is funny, because I’ve known many “liberal christians” and “conservative atheists/agnostics” over the years.  Not that the Conservapedia is anything worth taking seriously…good for some amusement though.



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