Posted by: Andy | August 3, 2008

SemiPro & Be Kind, Rewind

Both were pretty formulaic, but the second was somewhat surprising in its exact subject matter.  Pleasantly so.

SemiPro is showcasing Wil Ferrel’s declining career.  There’s really only so many times you can play the same character without just doing Anchorman 2 (which might actually be good!).  That being said, there were some funny parts.  I’ve already forgotten them though, so they must not have been that memorable.

Jack Black…eh, he’s just not that funny, at least in the last few movies I’ve seen him in.  I know he must have done something funny at some point, but I can’t remember what.

It was interesting to see Mos playing someone stupid.  Not as stupid as Jack Black’s character, but still pretty low on the Brain Team’s pick list. In general, it’s tough to play stupid without it coming off as retarded (Jack Black’s character for example) or obviously fake stupid, but he pulls it off.



  1. I never saw Semi Pro but did go and see Be Kind in the theaters. When it was over I honestly just didn’t really have any opinion on the movie at all. The plot was apparently lost on me, as was anything that actually occurred while I was watching.

  2. I can’t fault Jack Black and The Mighty Mos for “BKR” (even though I haven’t seen it), because I think Michel Gondry’s movies suck, for the most part. I blame the Frenchman. [His music videos, however, are classics.]
    RE: Will Ferrel: Agree that his career seems to be on the downswing- or I did- at least until Friday. Stepbrothers is hilarious, perhaps because Ferrel is not playing Ron Burgundy again. I haven’t had that many laughs at a movie in god knows how long.

  3. i love Mos Def.
    the end.

  4. @stevens: It was about regentrification man! 😉

    @brian: Yeahhhh…I just can’t get excited about paying theater level bucks for a Ferrel movie anymore. We’ll Netflixx it I’m sure. Be Kind was worth watching, although it’s hard to say why.

    @meg: Mos is a bit full of himself though, especially when it comes to music. I do like him as an actor, but he’s not quite as hot as he claims to be musically.


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