Posted by: Andy | August 8, 2008

zombie nation & the future

No, I’m not talking about whatever the latest zombie game or movie is.  I’m thinking about coffee actually.  Coffee and cigarrettes.  I go into Starbucks at least once a week for their (better than) McDonald’s style breakfast muffin thing and uh..chocolate milkshake.  Ok, not really, I get a mocha frappunico…but it’s basically a cracked out chocolate milkshake right?  Anyway, I’m addicted *blush*.

But whatever, my point is that, I’m highly amused when I go in there and everyone looks fucking DEAD. Just staring into space like know, zombies.  They perk up after some coffee though…

We’re a nation of addicts!

And then Jen is watching Made Men lately and I see all that smoking and I wonder if coffee in 30 years will be like smoking is now: “Ohhhh, you drink coffee?  So you want to get <insert name of whatever disease that coffee will be found to kill you with>?  Well, just don’t drink it near me, I don’t want to get secondhand coffee aroma fumes.”

Smoking is seriously nasty though.



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