Posted by: Andy | August 10, 2008

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to this article, appropriate quote being:

So I take heart from Tony Parsons and his “Fear of fake breasts”. If only there were also men out there who would rail against all the other elements of porn culture that seem to have invaded and pervade our everyday lives and beauty predilections (the orange tans, Hollywood bikini waxes and bleach-blonde extensions…) But women, too, need to stop aspiring to the fake silhouette.

I hate orange/fake tans (as I’ve mentioned on a few occasions), & blonde hair ranks low on my “hot” list, especially fake blonde.  On waxed vag in general I’m kind of indifferent, either way is a-ok.  Fake breasts are naaaaaasty.  I fully agree that women should “chill” on the overkill.

On an unrelated note, this really amuses me:



  1. I’m going to print out this flowchart and file it in my hipster pda for reference.

  2. We can’t all be blessed with a perfect hue, ANDY. Smug, tan bastard.

  3. @Josh: It does seem like a pretty useful iPhone background or something. Also, it’s a good reminder to Tell people…

    @Bethany: yeah um…I burn, not tan! You know you want to be bright ORANGE!

  4. I turn a pleasant shade of pink that sometimes can darken to an angry red. I hear that’s pretty popular with the ladies.

  5. @ all: Curse my chocolatey goodness! 😉

  6. I wonder if I should get myself an orange tan and frost my tips. Think it’ll work for me?

  7. It doesn’t work for anyone else…so I’d say there’s an outside chance. Go for it!

    …chocolate is good. It does give me (extra) gas though.


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