Posted by: Andy | August 12, 2008


People are protesting the movie  Tropic Thunder! But not for what you think!

This was a step past absurdity for me.  (Summary: people are offended at the word “retard” in a movie, and that movies SATIRICAL portrayal of Hollywood’s attempt to Orally Oscarize itself via actors portraying retards in movies).

Money quote:

The studio arranged screenings around the country for disability advocates yesterday and last Friday. “I came out of it feeling like I had been assaulted,” said David Tolleson, executive director of the Down syndrome group, who saw it last week. “I counted 16 uses of retard, not counting imbecile, moron and idiot.”

WAIT.  Holdthafuckatrukkaminnite. Backup. You want me to stop saying idiot, imbecile & moron?  Nevermind that I’m still holding on to retard – you can’t have that!  How am I supposed to describe someone that is an idiot, imbecile or moron, or acts in a way that is idiotic, imbecilic or moronic? … Fucking reactionary morons.  This is almost as dumb as Guiliani’s son suing Duke over being kicked off the golf team.  Almost, but not quite.

Neverminding that they obviously missed the point of satire, the word “retard” is not going away.  I’m sorry.  Mentally handicapped/retarded/imbecilic/WHATEVER people are different than non-retarded people in a very measurable and functional way.  We’re not talking about the imaginary differences that racists see, we’re talking about actual, functional differences in living and quality of life/etc.

Just like people are not going to stop using the word “fat” to describe well, fat people.  Look I’m sorry to all the whiny bitches who can’t handle having their flaws (sorry, but being mentally handicapped is the textbook definition of a flaw) mocked, or used to mock others.

Oh, one more thing, since these folks are all up in arms and joining together to fight for “rights” for the disabled and all that.  I’ll put it in bold and all caps.  YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT NOT TO BE MADE FUN OF (in general, in specific can be a different story).  Sorry.  Oh, you want special treatment?  Hmmm.

I think I’m failing in my attempt to eloquently present what I’m trying to say here, but what else is now.  Let me try one more time:

*Comparing someone to someone of lesser physical/mental capability is always going to be an insult.  Insults are often an integral part of jokes.
*Mentally handicapped people have lesser physical/mental capabilities – that’s not something you can sue out of the world.
*Therefore, people will taunt other people by referring to them as names used for the mentally handicapped.  Just like if someone is running/performing some physical function slowly you may jokingly compare them to a physically handicapped or fat/overweight person.

Do you expect to legislate/protest insults out of the American collective conscious?  Because frankly, that’s what you’re attempting here….which is part of why it’s so stupid.

Yes, I know this may be the post that forever damns my future political career but look, I’m all for rights for the disabled, but no group has a right not to be made fun of.  This is not hate speech, which you do have a right to be protected from to various degrees..  Sorry.  It may be cruel, but that’s life.  Buck up crybabies.

Also, keep in mind that no one in specific is being insulted.  I’m sure someone with a retarded family member would take offense to that person being specifically insulted, but to be insulted by the word “retard” being used as an insult is just ignoring reality.

I’ll post again whenever I finally see the movie (I’m guessing after it hits Netflixx), maybe at that point I will be so offended by what I see I’ll change my mind, and call myself shortsighted for writing this.

But I doubt it.



  1. You know, I can see why calling someone who isn’t actually mentally retarded a retard might be offensive to those who are, or those who are related to someone who is, etc…it’s because the mentally disabled had nothing to do with how they ended up, they didn’t really ask to be born that way. Whereas Joe Blow over here is simply a tool who knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. I’ve been trying to cut back on my own usage of it, mainly just because I feel…well, retarded when I say it so much.
    But the words moron, imbecile and idiot are too delicious to keep out of my mouth. 😛

  2. First of all, I specifically remember going to a party where a girl (drunk, mind you) got offended because I called Josh a retard. Josh, my husband. She kept bringing up how she’s always been offended by the word “retard” because her brother is retarded. Which is the word she used to describe him. Here was my response: o_O …. Yeah. Um. A) Don’t ever tell me “don’t say” something. That’s…that’s prolly never gonna work. 2) She was drunk so she kept saying the word in telling the entire party why it was hurtful for us to say. And F) when the hell did it become PC to interject in married people’s conversations anydangway? Retard.


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