Posted by: Andy | August 13, 2008

book review: The Dark River

by: John Twelve Hawks (not his real name of course)

I really shouldn’t be reading depressing books.  For some reason I’m having a predilection for tending towards melancholy…and this series’ bleak outlook on life is not really what I need right now.

Nonetheless, I picked up book two and blew through it, leaving the half-read history of Ethiopia book languishing for attention in my bag.  Don’t worry little history book…soon I shall get to you too.  But there was more meat here.

Sort of. This is a rather direct, simple book for “technological thriller”/conspiracy thriller/modern-day-sci-fi.  The author knows where he wants to get, and gets there pretty fast, only stopping briefly to drop DaVinci-code-style infobits on the unsuspecting reader.  Luckily there’s not too many of them, and this is a much more obvious “not” reality book than the DVC….isn’t it?   None of these things could happen, could they?

And that’s where the depression kicks in.  They really could.  They could already be happening, and we’d be screwed.  They probably already are.

Yar. 😦

It’s a good read though, at least if you enjoyed the first book.  It’s not quite as good, but I get the sense that it’s a bridge book – things need to be in a certain place for them to fall correctly in the next/last book (which I’m really curious how he’s going to end), so this book has to get them there.


Note: For whatever reason I wrote this like … a month ago and forgot to post it.



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