Posted by: Andy | August 19, 2008

good things come in…..fours, fives?

It’s a crazy year for the Frenches.  A good kind of crazy.

The dice in my head (you know, like Mat from the Wheel of Time series? I’ve literally felt like that for the past month – it was maddening!) finally stopped rolling on Friday.   And it was a pretty good roll.

Everything went through, and after 24 hours with a nigh zero balance in all our bank accounts, they are back to normal AND we’ve got a shiny new set of house keys.  OK, so they’re not THAT shiny.  But I can polish them!

Jen started in her new position as Office Manager on Monday!

I finally heard back on my position title change and raise request…with a positive!

So, after 18 annoying months in Vancouver, things are really looking bright!  Not that they were “bad” before, but man were we so ready to get back to Portland.  It was just something we did to save money and adjust to the financial burden of a new child, and it worked for that.  But…SEE YA!

Next month is our Hawaii trip, 5 year wedding anniversary & Jen’s 28th, then November is my 30th, for which I’ll be meeting some old friends in Vegas (baby!).

Funny/odd world coincidence thing: we both started our new/promoted positions on the same day (technically, if not actually).



  1. good to hear you’re finally out of Vancouver and loving it! can’t wait for you to invite us over to check out the new digs!!!

  2. For some reason I always though Vancouver Washington was up by Seattle (you know, closer to Vancouver Canada). I was amazed that you might commute that far.
    But Wikipedia set me straight.
    And congratulations on the house.

  3. You ever have trouble imagining that we’re all grownups whenever someone goes ahead and mentions news like this?

    Congrats Frenchies!

  4. I don’t know if you have the right to say Vegas (baby!) if you’ve never been there before. After, maybe. Because the (baby!) gives the impression that you’ve had all these wacky, wild times there that you’re aching to revisit.
    Just a tip.


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