Posted by: Andy | August 24, 2008

the fourth or fifth thing

(you didn’t count did you!?)

… is that we’re pregnant again!  Of course if you follow both of our blogs, you know this already, because Jen already posted.  So yeah, go us. Woo hoo!  I’m so glad for them (Z & #2) that they will only be 21 months apart.  I wanted them even closer of course, but that’s tough – tough to do and tough on us.  And you know…I have this knowledge/dread that it IS going to be TOUGH…but hey bizillions of other people do it, so we can too.

I am 4.5 years apart from my brother, and I think that’s just too long for the first (or only) two.  It was too long for us to be close *at all*, sure maybe some people do it, but I wanted to give my kids a better chance to be “friends” growing up.



  1. Congrats.

    Our kids are about 2 years apart and they’re 50% friends and 50% enemies. But maybe that will change as they get older.

  2. we are so excited to meet the new little one. thanks for having another baby so we didn’t have to have one right now. ‘preciate it!

  3. Precisely why I don’t understand why people won’t accept the possibility/likelihood that Josh and I are not having more babies. Ezra’s FOUR already and I have no intention of being pregnant in the next year, even. I’m five years older than Carlton and we were really close growing up but we had a sibling between us to bridge the gap… or better yet, I had three other siblings already so… yeah. Five or so years is like having another only child…

  4. Well, right now I’m thinking our #3 may be 4 or 5 years behind the other two. We’ll see…


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