Posted by: Andy | August 29, 2008


I’ll give McCain 2 points for class:

  1. He waited until the day after to announce – it would definitely have affected the DNC news cycle I think.   However, maybe he did it immediately to be a jerk, who knows really.  I’ll just give him the benefit of the doubt for kicks.  He almost loses this point though for that 30 second “congratulatory” ad…it came off really snide to me.  Or was it just me?
  2. He picked a woman.  Now, there are many ways to take this but I don’t *think* it’s a Mondale-I-just-want-to-make-history thing.  Sure, he kind of voided his entire “experience” argument (she runs a state with less people than many cities), but it does support his argument that he’s open to some kind of change at least, as she apparently has a good record on the environment.  But hey, maybe you only need experience to be President, not VP.  Although, realistically, I have to wonder at the odds of someone in their mid 70s (say, second term), coming down with some kind of ailment that would prevent him from continuing as President.  Then, suddenly, her few years running a state with 600,000 people might be more relevant.

That’s still really all I’m giving him.  If this was the McCain of 5 or 8 years ago, running against Kerry instead of Bush, then I *might* have voted for him.  But ’08 McCain is kind of a sell out to his previous values, if they were ever indeed anything more than an act (as you might be led to believe he was trying hard to recover from the Keating 5 scandal and make himself look good again).

I look forward to their speeches (hopefully I didn’t miss them already, I haven’t looked at the RNC schedule, mabe they do everything backwards! ;p ).  Judging by the few views she has expressed (anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage) I doubt I’ll be impressed with her politics, but maybe her character will shine.

As for Biden…with him we know what we’re getting, to a degree.  I’m hopeful that he is more able to reign in his worse running at the mouth tendencies (Obama must have made him agree to that, right?) and doesn’t go around insulting anyone about their IQ this campaign…

I think he’d make a decent VP. I wouldn’t be particularly motivated to vote for him as president, but I think he’ll do just fine as a VP, and do well on those diplomatic errands VPs often get sent on, hopefully doing better than Gore did when the next Russia/Putin type situation arises.

I’m very curious how the VP debates are going to play out – are people going to be offended if Biden goes for the jugular because she is a “young woman”, or should we hold her to the same standards as men?  I go for the second obviously, but you can’t predict what people will do.  People know Hillary, if someone goes after her I don’t think there would be as much of a “defend the woman” type vibe, they know she can throw bullshit with the best of them.  But this “cute”, young working mother…that might be a different story.

Also, the “young” Obama vs. “old” McCain & “young” Palin vs. “old” Biden debate dynamics are sure to be interesting.  I don’t think Obama will have a problem with McCain, but I can’t see how Palin, with her limited experience (at least a far as national politics, debates and media goes!!) is going to be able to keep even with Biden.  But she may surprise me.

Game on!



  1. Then you give him 2 more points than I would. I see it as a huge insult to the intelligence of women (Hillary supporters in particular), not to mention the kind of “At-All-Costs” politicking typical of modern American elections.
    One shouldn’t fault the old bastard (though I will) for trying to get votes, but his consistent contradictions to his “experienced,” “maverick” “ideals” are nothing if not comical.
    Among many other firsts, I think this election will represent the first time I watch the Vice Presidential debates- because I am a spiteful sonofabitch. I think Joe Biden might be chomping at the proverbial bit for them as well.

  2. See I was trying to be positive and open minded.

    It is hard in the face of what looks like such obvious childishness though.

    Because being the mayor of a town with 7000 people (and evidently leaving most of the running of it up to an administrator), and 2 years as governor of a state with less people than a large city obviously qualifies you to be VP, and thus pres by extension.


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