Posted by: Andy | September 8, 2008

Maui baby!

I totally had something else to say, but it’s been long since forgotten.  Maybe it will come to me tomorrow.

SO.  Be content in your knowledge that we will be in Maui in 2 days or so….during which our 5 year wedding anniversary will occur.  Without getting too sappy, lets just say that I love my wife dearly and am very thankful for a) these good years and b) being able to finally go on that vacation I’ve been promising her.



  1. we’re happy for you guys. have fun!

    andy says, “pictures.”

    yes. let us all be jealous with lots and lots of pictures.

  2. Aw. I love you too precious.
    The funny thing is, I was totally hounded by a bunch of old people yesterday who thought that Hawaii was way too good for a 5 year anniversary(those crazy kids!) . And here I thought that we were the only people to never go on vacation.
    Meh. Still glad I threw those fits. ;P

  3. Oh and btw, did you see that a related post had to do with dead dolphins? Yum!

  4. “Way too good”? What does that even mean? We went to Maui for our three-month wedding anniversary. And…we’ve never really taken a “vacation” since. We just “move”. Try it out. It’s fun. Except the moving part.
    But blerg about you guys not leaving Zain with us.

  5. Yeah the dead dolphins bit is creepy.
    Wooo leaving tomorrow morning!


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