Posted by: Andy | September 9, 2008

google face recognition thing!

THAT’s what I was going to post about last night but forgot about.

Google photos/picasa just added facial recognition to the online portion of their service.  I spent entirely too long filing faces this weekend…and it appears to possibly be worth it.  Pretty goddam handy if you’re into pictures and easily finding ones with certain people in there, etc.

I recommend checking it out.



  1. what. this is some crazy government big brother shit…at least google’s making some money on it though.

  2. Hi Andy,

    I thought I should also let you know about the ‘face-recognition’ service being offered by MyHeritage. While the idea is not to spam your post, the focus is towards the power of the feature which integrates you pictures with your family tree.

    Andy, I’d be glad to hear from you about the thoughts on our new feature 🙂

  3. @dsharma: I think I tried that site a long time ago during one of my genealogical phases…it’s not particularly useful to me in that I don’t need to integrate mass photos into a family tree, I’d rather just have the damn tree.

  4. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for following up the comment. We’d prefer whichever way you use it. Happy from to hear that you’d have the tree on the site.


  5. is dsharma from another country? cause they sound all funny.


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