Posted by: Andy | September 10, 2008

Maui: day 1

OK, so I’m sitting on the porch of our condo thing in MAUI, drinking ice water and eating a cosco bagel and trying to write a nice blog.
The cell card I borrowed from work is claiming it has a 100% full EVDO REV A signal…yet the web is not doing SHIT, except rarely.  So instead I’m typing in the not-so-glamorous notepad in hopes of a brief second of functionality wherein I can paste this zap and run.

SO. Where to start.
It is FUCKING GORGEOUS here. Our view at least.  We got bumped up from “Ocean View” to “Ocean Front” for some reason…which is good.  Free stuff is occasionally good.  They said it was because we had reserved so far in advance and because they needed to…bill some time to this place or something – probably the owner hadn’t had a tenant in a while because we all go for the cheap ones?  Anyway: WIN.

I wish a) I hadn’t forgotten the connector cable for the camera and b) the camera could properly capture the sunrise.  We didn’t even really have time to watch it today (things are weird with a baby too…) but man was it awesome.

The time thing is totally throwing us off.  I think its like…9pm here?? It must be because I just went to the store that closes at 9pm and now I’m sitting out here.  But its like 11:45 Cali time (so 9:45 by now? 8:45?) so Jen just passed out a while ago, and Z was up until 10pm our time before we realized how late it was.  My internal clock is set for about 1130 though so I was still awake – which worked out because we needed some more stuff from the store.  I *think* we spent about $200 on groceries – but $50 doesn’t count because we had to renew our Costco membership (DOH!).  Hopefully that will last the whole week…what I’m really worried about is all the food we won’t eat.  I’m thinking we should have just skipped Costco and gone to the local market for smaller portions. I hate wasting food.

I LOVE the sound of the ocean.  It’s so dark I can’t see anything, but I can HEAR it and that’s enough. It makes me miss Santa Barbara. It makes me feel like writing.  But I’m doing this instead, which is close.  I was hoping I’d get some writing done this trip…but I guess it will depend on when Z goes to bed, because nothing gets done when he’s up (just like home!).

We so need to come back in 5-10 years when the kids are old enough to be baby-sat somewher and we can just RELAX for real.

Man, I want a Pina Colada or some Jack & Coke or something..I want to be sitting out here with alcohol.  It’s so warm!!

So I finally found a wireless signal to pirate…man it is POOR though, like riding it rough on a 28.8 old school-style baby.

So what else..the flight was ok. Z was actually pretty good – he slept for the first hour or so.  The in flight movie was the new Indiana Jones one..which we paid $10 to watch but got fucked because it would just cut out either the sound, or the sound and the picture pretty much at random, the entire way.  And the right earphone jack was out on my seat, and the headphones I really have no idea what was going on other than snappy dialogue (I’m guessing from facial expressions) and aliens.  Now I’ve gotta watch the stupid thing again.

Oh, but the fridge thing was dumb.  But what was dumber was that they were even THERE. What the hell?

Back to Maui: we saw sea turtles already too! And our place is awesome and large. and..oh, our rental car sucks horrid ass.  It’s a Buick something…basically the same size as our Passat but if the passat is a cat then this thing is an overweight dog – one of those dogs that are like giant weiner dogs with the tiny legs you know?  It’s like that, but drunk and uncomfortable to ride.  Although you probably shouldn’t be riding a dog in the first place.  And the ‘change oil soon’ light won’t shut off.

Good night.



  1. HAH! That was such an awesome blend of angsty Andy and “even angsty Andy can’t say meh to this”! Awesome.

  2. Nuke the fridge!

  3. you guys suck! No pictures! How am I supposed to imagine myself in Maui without your pictures? At least find some random ones on the internet and pretend they’re yours…sheesh

  4. Bethany: you just made Andy and I laugh our asses off. Best comment EVAR.

  5. Chesssssssssssssssssssssssss.


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