Posted by: Andy | September 12, 2008

Maui: day 2

OK so I got the cell card working correctly now (yay! decent internet speeds) AND I got a tiny bit of alcohol (literally – those little tiny, shot-sized things) so I had a bit of D.P.J.D. and Triple-G-Juice (I just made that up…grey goose + grape juice..har har, I know; I’m horrible.)

What to say and do, what to say and do.

Radio stations.  Observations:

  • There are at least 11 radio stations for ~141,000 people (+tourists)?  That’s crazy.
  • Also, many of these radio stations play strange, but often good, covers of semi-popular songs (Elvis Costello: Every Day I Write the Book) to background songs (Pearl Jam: Black) by what I assume must be local bands, because they are nothing I’ve ever heard before.  Or maybe I’m just that out of the current music loop?
  • Most, if not all, of the radio stations gyrate wildly between stuff you recognize, stuff you kind of recognize (like the covers above) and stuff in what I think is the Hawaiian language (I thought it was supposed to be a dying language??? Certainly doesn’t seem that way…oh wait, Google tells me that it has had a pretty successful re-introduction.  Very interesting….) that you do not recognize, but often sounds pretty good.
  • They are apparently pretty into reggae.  The reggae station (which it claims to be) is pretty good when it’s playing reggae (sometimes it’s not). I heard a Marley song I haven’t heard before – which is not surprising considering local stations (Portland) only play 2 songs (sad, but I can’t remember which 2 right now…they are off Legend, certainly), and I only have Legend.  The local/stuff I’ve never heard of has been fairly decent too.

We spent a chunk of change on clothes…..mostly for things on sale & swimwear (which sadly we may not get to use again oh, until we make it back to Maui or another island!).  I did get a hat that wasn’t on sale, but apparently at a pretty good price, and one of those weird, stretchy swim shirts which is really cool.  I recommend them without being able to properly articulate why.  But more clothes!  Hopefully.

We “did” Front Street in Lahaina. I should probably specify that it is nowhere near Jump Street.

<crickets chirping>

So yeah we walked up and down what is the big tourist trap type strip for Western Maui.  It was amazingly sparsley occupied.  We were the only people in the local Coldstones, where we talked to the owners for a bit – they just bought the place about a year ago and moved from LA (we could tell they weren’t local when they never said “Aloha” or “Mahalo”…these words are ubiquitous in a nice way).  Anyway, they were really nice, but it was crazy that we were the only ones in there.  The rest of the strip was a little thicker – most places had 1 or 2 people besides us, but not all.  We happened upon the Maui branch of that company that Bethany works for, and chatted with the hostess/salesperson for a bit before purchasing a book for Z.  All the while horribly badmouthing Bethany of course.

The giant Banyan tree thing is pretty awesome too.  There was some interesting “local color” there as well.  A woman who I think was the local flavor of crack/meth/head and some other cheerful oddities.  But the tree thing is cool.

Sorry, no pics to post yet but I’ve been reading our camera’s instruction manual tonight, trying to find out what a setting I found on accident does (turns out it takes bitching night photos if you can hold it steady for 10-15s), and stumbled across another really cool/amusing/not very useful thing – it will swap all of one color with all of another.  So, moral of the story: read the manual, eventually!

So after Front Street we came back, hit the pool, listened to some drunk guys play a game kind of like I spy for adults (you are right, there is no such thing – form your own opinion from there).  This was Z’s first time in a pool and I think he really enjoyed it.  Unfortunately, it didn’t have a really shallow part, so we couldn’t let him walk around.  A while later we headed over to Napili beach (and that’s about as many people as were there too – September is seriously the right time to vacation here) and Z had his first play in the ocean time.  It scared him, and I think it was a little too cold for him at that point in the day, because he wound up shivering.  In the beginning it was precious though watching him watch his feet in the sand as the tide rushed in and out.

I think we’re going to rent a snorkel set in the morning and do some alternating snorkeling…did I mention the giant sea turtles swim around literally right in front of our deck?  Some drunk guys in the pool mentioned one surfacing between them the other day.

I know, I should be writing something besides a blog right?  I think perhaps I’ll just go to sleep….J & Z are already there.




  1. Andy! No you DID NOT just use my jump street “joke”. You’re crazy. I like you…but you’re crazy…

  2. sounds like you guys are doing maui right. Keep us posted so we can continue to live vicariously through you.

  3. I cry. You are so mean to me. I cry.

    Jenny: Nice unexpected use of a Will Ferrell quote. *high-five*


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