Posted by: Andy | September 15, 2008

Maui: day 5

Fun thing you can do on vacation: spend almost 2 hours getting your son to stay asleep, as opposed to home when you would have dropped him off in his crib 100 minutes ago and been done with it.

Currently I’m drinking: vodka, ice, water, kahlua with a ritz cracker (yes, in the glass).  It’s not horrible.  I’ am currently listening to a recording of a Mitch Hedberg show I downloaded from some memorial site.  I can’t hear half of what he is saying over the laughter :(.

Today we drove out to Makawao, which I think we both agreed was our favorite place so far and, if we ever move out here, we’d like to live somewhere more in this area than the others we visited.

Z had his first Jamba Juice to day (a tiny Strawberry Surfrider with no boosts.  He was very attached to it, and adorable (yes, he has figured out straws!) in his newfound greediness).

We also went to the beach this morning, but we didn’t say for very long (1-2 hours) because Z threw a fit.  He’s evidently not a big fan of either sand or water, nor their confluence.  Jen & I both got to take in some snorkeling & swimming.  When we returned, my hair was disgustingly matted, like a homeless person perhaps.

The cracker, still whole, was decent.



  1. Okay, you need to find the freakin’ gardens that we found which I don’t remember directions to. So. Yeah.

    Secondly: you. are. gross. For drinking crackers.


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