Posted by: Andy | September 17, 2008

August links

links links links!  I distill some diamonds out of the crap that is the Internest.  Intercest?  Enjoy!

Wow, ok this first bunch are from August I guess, forgot to post em:

Stuff about the prep of the Large Hadron Collider – kind of out of date now that it’s actually going, but still has AWESOME pictures!

A brief bit on McCain and the tax breaks he plans on giving the oil industry (among others) if elected.  Because, you know, after record profits at our expense they deserve a tax break!  I’m not saying they don’t deserve to keep their profits – that’s capitalism after all, love it or feel creepy-uncle about it – but do they really need a fat tax cut too??

The Guild!  A bunch of netpisodes about WoW gamers.  Kind of dorky & cheesy, but amusing.  Yes know, I was late to this.  Caught the first season last month or so.

A bit on the practicality of Obama’s “tire pressure” comment.  Or whatever it was.

Crazy drug cops kill a mayor’s dog!  Seriously.  One can only wonder at their aptitude in other busts – you know the ones we don’t hear about because they don’t hurt “important” people…

A bit about Cheney & the Suskind forgery.  I don’t remember what the exact deal with this was…something to do with false pretenses for invading Iraq I think?

A very cool graphic tour of Olympic torches.  Yes, that’s how old these links are.

Fox calling out McCain’s campaign manager for McCain’s lies.  Seriously.  When Fox calls out a Republican you know somethings up.  It’s actually pretty bizarre to read.

I don’t remember what I thought was interesting about this blogging heads debate.

A bit about how John Edwards fall is a sign of the fall of “old media”, or something like that.   I think the television, radio & print news are having a hell of a time trying to figure out what to do with bloggers, who are often quite ahead of them on stories (as well as frequently chasing non-stories or horrible rumors).

Tom Breevort talking about the (almost) Daredevil TV show.  This is a great example of how Hollywood doesn’t (didn’t?  do they now??) get comics.  Or maybe just a good example of “inspired by” gone nucking futs.  Except that it’s not claiming to be inspiring by….seriously, if you thought the DD movie was bad READ THIS POST.

A Newsweek story DNA discoveries & child development.  Very interesting.  Some money-looking-ness in the following quote:

But not, it seems, all kids. In about 30 percent, the coils of their DNA carry a glitch, one that leaves their brains with few dopamine receptors, molecules that act as docking ports for one of the neurochemicals that carry our thoughts and emotions. A paucity of dopamine receptors is linked to an inability to avoid self-destructive behavior such as illicit drug use. But the effects spill beyond such extremes. Children with the genetic variant are unable to learn from mistakes. No matter how many tests they blow by partying the night before, the lesson just doesn’t sink in.

I think I had some more that WP randomly deleted…which seems to happen a lot for me lately (basically it’s acting like I have a touchpad and am accidentally highlighting and deleting things) …odd.

Anyway, I’ve got some late August/early Sept stuff I’ll post later for continued browsing joy!


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