Posted by: Andy | September 17, 2008

hide n’ shit

or: “No one likes a close pooper!”

Z has started doing the “run over into the corner, squat, and shit” thing that I’ve heard so many stories about other children doing.  Happily, he isn’t hiding behind a curtain or something (whose kid was that?)…but he does have to go stand away from you, often in a corner, and squat fiercely.

I’m amused that, even at a young age, he has already grasped the fundamental truth that no sane person likes shitting in close proximity to someone else (or: “why bathroom stalls are TOO SMALL”).


  1. Why are parents always so amused by their children’s poop?

    I had to play daddy for years and was never once intrigued by the pooping habit of the kids! Though I am proud of most of my poop stories at Borders. Hmm. I am intrigued now. I will share my thoughts on the subject again later.

  2. Okay, person above who is a stranger to me: playing daddy and being daddy are different. In that the latter is amused by most everything their child does INCLUDING but not limiting to pooping.

    Okay, is it weird Auntie-ism that makes me want this captured on tape? Despite the fact that Ezra too did this, although he mostly hid on the side of the frig. Then there was that time he abruptly decided that there were to be no more diaper-poops. We were driving and he started pushing himself up off of his carseat with an extremely frightened look on his face like the feeling of poop smooshed on his butt was freaking him out. I…just realized this may be a gross story.

  3. I’m wounded Bethany, we’ve met and yet I’m a stranger?

    I was also amused by most everything the kids did, they were my younger siblings and all, but I still really wasn’t all that amused by their poop. Maybe once I have my own children I will become interested however.

  4. No, yeah! I totally was joking about the stranger bit! Heh. Heh heh. Um, were you introduced as something other than Stevens?…And did your face look more human than triangular…perchance…?

    Baby poop is great.

  5. I think that for most people, you have to be a parent to be amused by kid poop (at least in a healthy way…. O.O).

    I could care less about other kids poop, and am indeed annoyed by hearing about it often ;p.

    But, as a parent since you’re frequently checking your kids poop for color & texture & such as signs of sickness or diet, that and the SHEER VOLUME of it you see, eventually it has to become a trivial thing.


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