Posted by: Andy | September 19, 2008

Palin weirdness

See Sullivan’s blog here.

I’m not sure what to say other than that someone is telling a very direct lie about something very trivial, but WHY?



  1. weird as it is…and I’m not saying ANYTHING here, but she’s a very well spoken, eloquent women.
    and i will never get over snl’s take on the ladies in politics….ah. amiee pohler and tina fey. goddess.

  2. I haven’t watched SNL in yearrrrsss, but I know they’ve always done semi-cheesy political stuff & that it’s been a chunk of their bread & butter. most of it has not impressed me.

    Sometimes I think she sounds intelligent (her convention speech, while very typical, was well delivered and connected with the audience), but when she tries to make actual statements about things, sometimes they come out a bit odd.

    That and she either has a problem with being informed correctly, or doesn’t have a problem telling lies – which is completely typical for a politician, so no surprises there.

    The lying about the bridge to nowhere thing strikes me as kind of insane though. Like stark raving crazy.

  3. ya, this whole election thing has taken a turn into insane-land all together


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