Posted by: Andy | September 22, 2008

1st draft win (ever)!

I’d made it to second place before – which was pretty damn surprising, but I actually won one today!

This after getting overly annoyed at a douchebag in a previous game.  People who don’t even bother to say some sort of hello – even “gl hf” is good enough for me! – just annoy me.

Anyway.  Onto the rest of the story, no time for douchebags…I’ve drafted one other deck I thought actually had a chance to win before, it was a BW Eventide-Eventide-Eventide draft…pretty brutal deck for a draft I thought, but I think I lost right off with that one!  One other time I made it to 2nd place, but I can’t recall what with.  This time I went with RW and it worked quite well – some of the games were tough, down to the wire – but those are the best!

Here was my pool & deck if anyone is curious:

5 Mountain
3 Battlegate Mimic
2 Unmake
2 Double Cleave
3 Ballynock Trapper
1 Belligerent Hatchling
10 Plains
1 Divinity of Pride
1 Springjack Shepherd
1 Spitemare
1 Endure
1 Voracious Hatchling
1 Endless Horizons
2 Hearthfire Hobgoblin
1 Recumbent Bliss
1 Rugged Prairie
1 Rugged Prairie
1 Puncture Blast
1 Flame Jab
2 Scourge of the Nobilis

1 Inside Out
1 Chaotic Backlash
1 Antler Skulkin
1 Moonhold
3 Plains
1 Harvest Gwyllion
1 Hoof Skulkin
1 Pyrrhic Revival
1 Beckon Apparition
1 Nip Gwyllion
1 Cenn’s Enlistment
1 Kithkin Spellduster
1 Stream Hopper
1 Patrol Signaler
1 Jawbone Skulkin
1 Quillspike
1 Impelled Giant
1 Duergar Mine-Captain
1 Kithkin Zealot
1 Hobgoblin Dragoon

I never even got to swing with the Divinity! 😦  I got it out once, right as I won that game.
Check the DOUBLE dual lands – same one too (one is foil)!  What are the odds?  Esp. getting the exact dual lands I needed…crazy.

That Quillspike is foil too…gotta trade it for something useful before the value drops!

I played another round later with a really wacky w/g “leftovers” deck (I was just grabbing good cards that flew by..saw too many to build a “killer” deck)…actually won a round with it (go Whiteclay+Power of Gond!) and almost won a second – only a poor choice of color on Painters Servant hosed me.  Still, 6 free packs from both drafts is $24, nothing to laugh at for a budget gamer like me.  Drove of Elves is a real stand out – at least in limited – that card really surprised me, and I will definitely consider building around it in the future.



  1. this post is so awesome. and i’m sorry to say it, put you’re a total nerd. you have your own language and everything and although I understand some of the more elementary statements, this is way beyond congratulations on the win and stay nerdy.

  2. I accept your nerd-mination.
    Thanks to my lovely wife and son who have always supported me on the path to—–wait, shit I was born here. Well, thanks to them anyway, because they are swell!


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