Posted by: Andy | September 26, 2008


Here’s another dose of link-love for my (primarily lurking) readers:

The “Palin incest” sketch on SNL.  Wow did people over-react to this.  Seriously, just watch it.

Another SNL video.  Wow, what is the world coming to?  This one is an opener with “John McCain”.  I chuckled a little.

Andrew Sullivan’s “Twelve Lies of Palin” or something like that.  Just shit she’s not being upfront about that is evidently provable to some degree.

Someone’s thoughts on why the bailout is a good/necessary thing.  Hint: It involves the Great Depression.

Hmm, John McCain – foreign policy expert?

Sarah’s got some funky sentences.  Maybe it does make sense but I agree it’s difficult to parse.

Three cheers for chain bookstores!  Or so says the author.  I have to agree – while I prefer to avoid Borders & B&N and hit Powell’s or something like that – most areas don’t have anything near the quality of Powell’s.  In those places the big stores are a real boon.  And, aside from that, they are usually nice places to just browse.  Now, don’t get me started on working for one of them, which I have done.  Well ok I’ve probably forgotten most of it anyway.

6 questions for some guy who wrote a book about Cheney.  Worth reading.

I forget why I kept this link.  Something about online Flash-powered gaming I think.

Why doesn’t Obama lie more?  Maybe some would disagree with this…as the ads that have been running lately have been getting sleazy (still nowhere near the McCain “Obama wants to teach kindergartners sex-ed” thing (see the 1st SNL sketch above please…hah!) though).

White priveledge & the election.  Also worth reading.  This guy’s views tend to be more extreme than mine (I’ve seen some of his other writings), but it’s still worth thinking about them.

Bill Roper finally gives an interview about what happened with Hellgate:London.

A guest post on the Freakonomics blog: “How big of a deal is income inequality?

Old ass comment on McCain claiming that he never asked for earmarks for his state.  You can guess where it goes.

A lengthy post on the “McCain as a survivor, not a hero” bit that may or may not offend a bunch of people.  I wonder if it offends the same people that get frothing crazy when you  just mention that people might treat Obama different because he’s *gasp* black.

What makes people vote Republican?  Thoughts from a hoity-toidy elitist psychologist.

I was a Marvel intern zombie. Or something like that, article about someone’s time as a ..yeah, that’s kind of obvious.

Crazy plastic for future smart paper type applications.

Online gamers are physically fit!  Seriously.



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