Posted by: Andy | October 2, 2008

Two Songs for the Day

from my Vox blog, click on the images to be taken to the play:

Today brings you two songs (via me), separated by 27 years and without much in common.
The first:

06. So Long Baby Goodbye
The Blasters – So Long Baby Goodbye

It’s just an all around fun song.  Great to sing along to, “blast” in the car, etc.  It also turns up at odd moments in modern media (I believe it drifted through a funeral scene in 6 ft. Under at some point, and I hear it every so often in random movies & TV).
I can’t remember where I heard this the first time…it’s one of those songs that just gets buried in your/my subconscious and always feels familiar.
And the second, much more current and fairly different sounding track:
6. Family Tree
TV On The Radio – Family Tree
It’s one of my favorite songs off the new TVoTR album…which you should definitely consider picking up if you’re into whatever classification they fall under (indie of some sort I suppose).  It’s not as aggressive sounding as previous album, and more sonically varied I think.
It sounds intensely personal, and I wonder if it was specifically about the writer’s experiences, or if it’s just a standard songwriter’s “putting themselves in position X” type of thing.
It took a few plays to grow on me, then I played it basically nonstop for a few days & now I’m taking a break.

Good stuff.



  1. I saw TVOTR 2 or so years ago- before Cookie Mountain, and I couldn’t believe how similar the songs they played sounded to each other. It still boggles my mind. If nothing else, they have certainly branched out since then, to say the least. They’re not always my cup o’tea, but I do think they deserve the vast majority of the praise they get.

  2. and I like that my little avatar thingy looks like a toilet paper roll wearing glasses.
    And good call on the Blasters. Ever listen to The Saints? Kinda similar feel, you may like them (unless you don’t).

  3. Man…I love the first TVoTR disc…OK I love the second too, but that first one is just classic. Have you listened to the album? Maybe it was just a sloppy show? I know Jen didn’t like them live much, but I love it.


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