Posted by: Andy | October 5, 2008

I suppose I should say something about the VP debate…

But I think SNL did a pretty good job already.  Grr, I don’t know what the hell WordPress’s problem with Hulu is…I can’t embed the video, so enjoy the link.

Seriously, “hardscrabble”?  I guess that must be an old people word ;).  OK, more seriously…I think the sketch actually covers it pretty well:

*Moderator didn’t ask many serious follow-up questions
*The debaters weren’t actually allowed to debate much (blame this on the format that the  McCain campaign requested and the Obama one somehow acquiesced to …)
*Palin DID say the m— word way too many times.
*Biden was too nice.  If you think any Republican would have been this civil to Clinton you probably don’t live in the same country  I do.
*Neither said much, but I think Biden did a better job of articulating things (surprise!).
*I heard/saw a few conservative types saying she “blew him out of the water” and other such things.  I can’t see how we were watching the same debate.
*It is perfectly legal/logical to bring up the last 8 years of Republican government, and point to someone’s complicity with it as a reason for why they won’t give you anything new…

It’s been a few days since I saw it, and I already forgot most of it…so I’m sure there’s more to say but hey, it wasn’t really that interesting, or important I think.  Palin proved that, after 3 weeks of coaching, she can managed not to look like a fool (although, check out this footage from her pre-governor debate – she seemed much more confident and in control there. AND MUCH LESS folksy.   I didn’t catch any winks. Hmmmmmm.), and the moderator proved that she really shouldn’t have accepted a job where people could argue there might be a conflict of interest, thus neutering her completely as a moderator.

Honestly, I think the McCain campaign allowed her on purpose so they’d have this exact wedge, but hey, maybe I’m just cynical!

Also, the poll #s (which only mean as much as any poll can) seem to say that no one much cares either:

It does take a few days for these things to kick in though, so we may see more over the next few days.

Overall, Palin managed not to look like a deer in the headlights and Biden managed not to look like someone eager to run over said deer with a stomper truck.  With Palin’s low standards, people seem inclined to call that a draw.  I’ll call it like I think it is and call for Biden, even though I don’t particularly like him.



  1. Holy CRAP did she say the m-word alot!! I gasped each and every time. It was quite lovely when Biden finally said, “Maverick, he is not.”
    Yeah, I’m not for either “party” but I thought they both spoke surprisingly well, even when they weren’t saying much. I definitely was touched when Biden talked about his family and got upset that she was implying she was the only small-town, family-oriented person.
    Aaand I thought they were retardedly well-behaved.

  2. yep, the m- word has been banished from my vocabulary as of 2008.
    Hopefully someday the wounds will heel enough that I can use it when talking about Top Gun.

  3. @Brian: this is true. Those two skipping records have ruined Top Gun for me.


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