Posted by: Andy | October 7, 2008

early October links

Andrew Sullivan on Palin & transparency.  Here’s what I didn’t know – when she was running for the Mayoral office in Wasilla, she demanded that her opponent provide proof of his wedding since his wife was still using her maiden name.  The amusing thing is that she refuses to provide proof of her son Trig’s birth – something that a candidate shouldn’t necessarily be expected to provide except that there is no record of him being born where and when (link from Andrew in first link above) she said he was and she has asked for preposterous things from her opponents in the past…Karma’s a bitch eh?

Seriously, I’m not trying to stir up the who-actually-birthed-that-baby drama again, but the whole thing is just odd.  Either: they had the hospital cover up his birth (uhh..ok…why??), she is lying about when and where he was born,  she just forgot – which would make her look stupid to say the least, or the hospital happened to lose his records.

New Republic story on Palin’s background in Alaska.  Nothing too meaty, but interesting at least.

Rick Davis & the McCain campaign.  You know, the guy that was being paid $15,000 a month by Freddie Mac for being close to McCain….

One of the head folks at Stardock on gaming & piracy and why his company doesn’t use any of the crazy anti-piracy schemes that are out there.

Ta-Nehisi Coates has some sympathy for Sarah.

Factcheck on the Obama/McCain debate round 1 – they both made a number of mistakes (surprise!).

The diskette that blew Trixter’s mind.  Good old fashioned geekery.  Not for the faint of geek.

An interesting mistake (and perhaps telling) McCain made in the last debate.

A very long explanation of the Wall Street crisis that I haven’t had time to watch yet – maybe tonight!

I know I haven’t posted that much geekery lately – politics has been too distracting.  I can’t wait for these elections to be over…either I’ll be happy, or I’ll put my head in the sand for another 4 years (because I doubt McCain would get re-elected unless we get into another war…which is entirely possible. *SIGH*).

Just in case you need a fix:  DIABLO 3!!!!!  Going to be the longest game wait ever!! ARrrrgh why do they announce this early?



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