Posted by: Andy | October 11, 2008

D3 info coming out of Blizzcon

Sooo yeah, more important than politics, or war, or feeding the hungry – its Diablo 3!

OK, well, it’s close anyway…

So they announced the 3rd class (Wizard), which is very cool.  This site has skill trees up.

And skill customization via runes (grainy video here), which is potentially very exciting.

And two things I’m not at all positive on: skill drops from scrolls (like Diablo 1) and automatic stat point assignment.  These both sound like huge steps back to me, but I’m not going to get all crazywhineybitchy about it because a) Blizz changes things all the time, this could get fixed at any time and b) it will still be an awesome game, I’ll just be really annoyed at these two portions.  Of course it’s also possible they will come up with a novel way to implement this that combines the best of this and other systems…let’s hope for that at least.

Anyway 3/5 classes announced  = 60% done? 🙂

Also, they were giving out Starcraft beta keys, so that must be getting close.


Joystiq has pictures of costumes here.  You have been warned.

They also have a video from the dance contest.  I’m going to skip past the warning and just tell you not to watch this.  You can’t un-watch it.



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