Posted by: Andy | October 12, 2008

sewer fun

So one of the joys of old houses is (obviously) sewers!!

When we bought this one, the inspectors found a problem with the main sewer line – ratholes and the like (Portland is evidently overrun with sewer rats).  So the sellers paid for the repair of course BUT we had to wait potentially 6 months to get the repairs actually done, due to the city not releasing permits because we are on a party line with the neighbors and other fun stuff.

So yeah.  The main line is backing up now, funky water oozing up out of the basement whenever we use more than a trickle. All our spare towels are wet and nasty and we can’t clean them because that would back it up even farther…neverminding that we have to take minimal showers/baths and, you know, other fun stuff.

The guy came out and took a look just now, and he said hopefully they can get it cleaned out BUT if they can’t we are stuck waiting for the city permit!




  1. You know how I secretly call you Andy Stench? ….


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