Posted by: Andy | October 15, 2008

Heroes season 3

is actually pretty decent.  I’m genuinely surprised.

It’s like someone grabbed that big ‘ole SUCK meter that was cranked up to 7 for most of last season and turned it way down, broke the dial, then went into negatives.

So it’s at about a -6 suck right now, which translates to pretty decent.

I’m not sure why – am I just more open to it, or are the writers actually doing a better job?  It looks like it’s the same writers and directors, so I’m thinking they must just be doing a better job.  Having established characters can’t hurt.  There’s more of a sense of people actually being at risk – I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the bigger characters like HRG or even Peter “actually” died this year – but I still doubt it.

I’ve pretty much hated Sylar from the beginning, but the future/redeemed Gabriel made him that much more interesting.  I like him much more as a struggling hero than an obnoxious villain.  The potential for Peter to become that obnoxious villain is actually pretty interesting too – but I doubt they will go that way.  Chalking Sylar’s evil up to a power-side effect is…interesting to say the least, and rather cheap, but it does make him more sympathetic.  Is his power-driven killing now any worse than Nikki mk. 2’s?

Crazy Mohinder is an interesting change up to…evil spider-man like.

The Nathan/God plot was a bit tedious, but now it is paying off.

Maury still hustles like Norm from Cheers.  That makes him amusing.

I like that dude they’ve got playing Evil Bedridden Petrelli…old 70s’ actor who was in Jackie Brown guy.

The New Orleans crowd is noticeably absent though – wasn’t the grandmother who was housing the kids just killed off camera in the web-comic???  2 deaths in year must be real hard on those kids.

What Hiro did to Ando was so strange that he must be planning a time-travel fix (except that he said he wouldn’t do that anymore) OR (most likely) it’s just part of the whole “villains” arc setting up Heroes doing horrible things in the name of heroism.  The seeds were sown from the beginning and he was probably a) afraid that Ando would kill him eventually and b) obsessed with the idea of heroism such that it overpowered the rest of his personality or something.  Either way its interesting.  And sad.

I’m starting to get the feeling that many of the cast members negative personality traits that I find so annoying are intentional – Peter’s general stupidity and hotheadedness/lack of forethought for instance.  It has been fairly constant, and pretty much always gotten him into trouble.  Hiro’s obsession with heroism.  Nathan’s lack of any personal convictions (and willingness to be defined by others), Mohinder’s obsessive curiosity (this on is more than a bit cliche though), Claire’s sense of disconnectedness, Noah’s ego and belief that his way is the best – pretty much every hero has a huge, defining character flaw.

It makes me wonder if my character flaws are that obvious and defining.  I’m sure Jen could name a few, and other people could too – but the question is would they all agree on the same ones??  I might have to conduct some kind of blind survey about this at some point.  You know, call up all my friends & family and ask them what my worst qualities are ;).

It is hard for me to find a character to empathize/identify/agree with though.  That’s what really keeps me from LIKING the show – currently I’m just entertained by it.  There is no character that fits me.  I wanted to identify with Peter, because he has the power I always dreamed for myself as a kid, but he’s too goddam stupid.  Really, he’s just stupid in almost every situation, always doing the wrong thing and running off half-cocked like 7 year old.

Maybe Hiro to bring out my inner child?  No, he’s too blinded by whatever it is he thinks he’s doing and, while getting much better at using his power (evidenced by porting Adam in and out of the coffin), he’s still not smart about using it.  He’s a child in more ways than just one – and the “innocent” portion of his childlike image just took a big hit.

Maybe Noah, for the paternal feeling and drive to protect his family?  Nah, he’s way too arrogant and also very strange for going back to work for the company he was just on the run from (????).  He also has a pretty bad past that I wouldn’t say his being a parent has quite redeemed him from.

Nathan obviously not, as he stands for basically nothing and seems to change his mind like the seasons.

OK…Parkman?  Maybe, he seems a little bit crazy/impetuous too though.  We’ll see, his character has been mostly backburning lately.

PS.  Maya got over her brother fast didn’t she?   I wonder what she’s doing without her citizenship – she seems to have a job and make money (was this covered last season?  I forget, most of it was so painful).  Not that lacking citizenship is really a barrier….I’m just pointing it out.  I would point out her hotness again, but you are probably tired of that by now.

By the way, Hulu is good.  It, and dual monitors, save me from actually having to actively “watch” TV – I can watch this while playing a game or reading or whatever, and the Hulu commercials are usually much less obnoxious than actual TV – 4 separate 30 second spots usually.



  1. i read the first few sentences…and I won’t read the rest cause we didn’t watch season 2, mostly because after the first couple of really sucking episodes we couldn’t force the effort….
    but then I looked down at the last paragraph…um at first I thought you wrote, “Hulu is GOD” and I was like, “Heck Yes, Hulu is god!” and then I saw you wrote “good.” Either way, I guess I agree.

    I also love that Hulu commercials start and stop on their own and return to programing without having to push any buttons ( makes you click on stuff to start the show again, super lame.)
    ok. see you this weekend!


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