Posted by: Andy | October 15, 2008

if you’re still on the fence about McCain…

…you might want to read this.

Printer friendly version here, if you like to actually print things.

Now, none of this is “new” info – it’s all been available online for a long period of time, but it’s handy to have it all coalesced here into one easy on the eyes place.  It was even nicer to have it in print magazine form in the new issue of RS.

The magazine version does, of course, lack citations, but you can find pretty much all of them if you are curious and have time on your hands.

This is a nice little bit of negative campaigning on my part, perhaps in honor of McCain’s 100% negative ads these days…but hey, the truth is handy.

[NOTE: I wrote this a week or so ago but forgot to post it.  Sorry, I know you missed it!]


  1. I have the exact same “fence” link to the RS article as you do! Cool!


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