Posted by: Andy | October 17, 2008

I love links?

Wow.  I’ve listed up a ton of stuff so far, I had to post this before the list got any longer.

Most of it is political (you can tell where my mind is lately), so apologies ahead of time if that bores you.

Here are two follow-up stories downplaying the Acorn-phobia that Republicans are trying to drum up lately: New Yorker ABC News

Because, you know, the Democrats were the ones stealing votes in the last 2 elections.  (NOT saying they never do it, just saying it’s funny how wound up the Republicans are when they could have cared less when their party was accused of it.  Duh.)

Ah, and here’s something about McCain attending a rally with ACORN a few years ago.  It’s all connected man!  Like…like something yeah.

Laughing at McCain and other debate reactions.

Do intelligent men have better sperm?  The question on everyone’s mind, I know.  (I hope this post doesn’t rank up all the random hits that my previous d*nkey p*rn posts did – see I changed the text there so hopefully I can talk about it without adding to the attraction….)

The secrets of worm grunting
.  Fuck the election, this is where the action is.

Slashdot’s Blizzcon 2008 wrap-up.  This link made me realize how little I know about when to use the hyphen in connecting disparate words…

On a related note: current Wizard skill trees.  (Did I already post these two links?  Maybe, I forget).

I still haven’t watched these ads, but I’ve been meaning to…

Anchorage Daily News on Palin & Troopergate.

On the Obama-loves-terrorists-front, Ayers received funding from Republicans!  One of whom (I think) just endorsed McCain.  Yay we are all terrorists by association yay!  This logic hurts my brain.

More on that I think.

What kind of victory will the Democrats win?, from the National Journal.

Republicans so desperate they try to link Michelle to Ayers!

McCain tries to reign in the crazies (but failed to denounce them at the 3rd debate).

A tale of Two Rallies (in Ohio).

I nice variety of breakdowns on the financial crisis.

LATimes editorial on abolishing the vice presidency.

It’s like MST3K I guess…

Donna Brazile on ..shoot I forget, probably something to do with Obama.

Scientists catch fish in the act….of evolving.



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