Posted by: Andy | October 21, 2008

music lately, mine – and you?

The new TV on the Radio is good.  Different.  I like it.  Suggest you check it out.  Worth buying.
Bah, I didn’t know there was a deluxe version with bonus tracks!  I hate that bullshit. GRRrr.

New Bloc Party…not so much.  Glad I checked it out before buying it.  One song I hate, a few are decent, and the rest just run together.

new Gaslight Anthem is interesting, considering buying.  It really does sound like Bouncing [Souls +] Springsteen.

Rise Against sounds like this Christian band whose name I’ve forgotten.  I was thinking of a different band (Against Me maybe?) when I checked them out, not what I was expecting.

The new Raphael Saadiq is fun and entertaining in that current retro-motown (??) way.  What is this genre called anyway?  Neo-town?  For the most part I dig it (Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings being another great group in this genre).

Did I already mention that the new Hold Steady is awesome?  If so, I say it again.  Stay Positive.

What else have I been listening to lately…Sugar – a now defunct, previous project of Bob Mould, of Husker Du fame – you can find some tracks at a myspace fan page here. A bit of the Dismemberment Plan (Emergency & I & Change are great!)

I was listening to Rilo Kiley today on the bus.  For being the project of an ex-child star, they have some great songs.

The Raveonettes showed SO SO much potential, then very rarely ever hit that plateau.  I think they could be a band I really dig, but the albums fall pretty flat IMHO.  The sound though…the sound has serious potential and a couple of gems shine through.

I’ve had a weird craving for some strange chunk of country music from my childhood that I can’t place a firm grip on lately.  I went through Garth Brooks’ No Fences the other night…and that wasn’t quite it…still looking.  I know what’s wrong with me rigHT??  Nostalgia or something I think ;).

Anyway…looks like myspace is the new easy link of choice for music.  That amuses and saddens me.  I’d link to their main pages, but for the most part it takes too many clicks to get to the sample music (if any exists).

So, that’s me – what is everyone else listening to lately?



  1. The Killers.
    The National.
    Still love em. Still good music.


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