Posted by: Andy | October 25, 2008


For some reason the topic of Veterans & the Current “War” keeps presenting itself to me lately.

I come across moving photos of widows and their babies, mothers at tombstones, stories of brave soldiers who did make it home, but sans limbs, or blind etc.  Heck, even this week’s Amazing Spider Man (574 I think) had an Iraq story, and the letters page in the back was about a crippled Afghanistan vet the writers met who inspired them and helped them out with the story.

For some reason, lately, I can barely read a paragraph or two without starting to choke up.  Jen said it sounds like I’m pregnant too…. :p.

No, I’m not going to rant about the evils of the war.

I’m just going to say a little bit to/about the brave soldiers who give something to everything for their country.

I appreciate and respect what they are doing, even if I disagree with the politics that placed them in a particular location.

Thank you.
Thank you to all the brave men and women serving in our military.  My heart goes out to your families, especially the ones that will never see you again.



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