Posted by: Andy | October 26, 2008

final round of links for October

Let’s start things off with what must be a  Darwin award nominee.  I’m glad this wasn’t in the US, but I’m sure it could happen here.

Oh look!  It’s another nominee!  You’ve heard of people dumb enough to fall for those scams right…?  But someone dumb enough to steal for one?  fail.

The bit about erasing memories in mice is still making the rounds.  You should check it out if you haven’t already because, at the very least, people will be talking about for a bit.

A really nicely done photo essay type thing on Obama.

Emoticons, in the 1880s?   Pshhh.  Show me some ASCII art and then I’ll be impressed! 😉

Jane Meyer’s New Yorker article on the push for Palin.

This piece from Time has some interesting pieces from Obama  & Petraeus’ meeting.

Jason Jones (of the Daily Show) interviews the current mayor of Wassila (embedded @ the Daily Dish because I’m too lazy to try and embed it here).

How your beer bought McCain’s shoes.  A nice explanation of the way beer distribution works…doesn’t sound very capitalist to me!

Buckypaper.  The latest in high-tech materials.  Have any of these things made it into public hands since plastic?  Probably…I just don’t pay much attention.  Spandex maybe?  😉

McCain & Obama on infidelity.  I think one candidate clearly has more experience than the other here.  The question is, is that experience enough to get them into the White House?

I’m sure you’ve seen the stories about how Palin charged the state for her children’s flights & hotels.  But just in case: here’s one.

Block African witchcraft curses against McCain and Palin now!  You cannot make this batshit up.  OK, obviously someone can…because they did, and appear to believe it.

Looks like Focus on the Family is getting in on the “batshit crazy” act too!  Seriously, all you not-batshit-crazy Christians need to man-and-woman-up and shut these fools up.

Wacky broccoli.

Surprise!  JP Morgan isn’t going to use the bailout money to issue loans!….they’re just going to keep it and do whatever the fuck they want with it!  You didn’t see that coming did you?????  The real question is of course: “How can we get them to defenestrate themselves?”

One last touch of crazy, congressman says “Liberals hate real Americans.”  Honestly I don’t hate many people in the world right now.  But I will laugh relentlessly at you if you are socially, morally, or mentally deficient.   Note that this guy also falls under the batshit-crazy Christian label – or, at the very least, he is trying to appeal to those folks.

No, I don’t know where the term “batshit-crazy” comes from…I suppose I should look it up.  This was the best I could find in a hurry.   Hmm.  Toxic gas from poop.  Gotcha.  Good to know.

[EDIT: Couple more because I don’t want to make another post:

Zakaria goes to the Obama side.

A lengthy article about pursuing interviews in Vietnam with ex-military officers.

Ever wondered why your cell phone messes with nearby speakers, etc.?  Inquire within.



  1. I saw that photo essay a couple days ago. Very moving stuff.

  2. Unfortunately, I have as much control over people who misunderstand Christianity and how to be as I have over Black people and their misinformation on how to be. I’ll work on that though.

  3. @Brian: I’m not sure about moving so much as just really well shot. I’m not sure how they get the photos so clear, and still so human…super high res & post-editing with Photoshop to clean up the lighting??

    @Beth: What, you mean you can’t just tune into their God-intercom and tell them to knock it off? 😉


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