Posted by: Andy | November 4, 2008

Today, every song on the random playlist is a sad one

Today is layoff day at work.

I dodged the bullet but it was very, very close.

They let my supervisor (and at least 12 other people in our office of ~60) go, who has been with the company twice as long as I have.

It doesn’t make any sense, and it’s not fair, but I’m/we’re lucky I guess.  I’m happy to have survived, but feel horrible about it too.

Jen said ‘survivor’s guilt’ I think.  Very true.

Things are strange around here.  Especially in our little 3, now 2 person department.  (It was 4 earlier in the year but that’s a completely different story).  I’ll miss our spirited debates;  we were ideological opposites (or nearly so) but still managed to find some common ground and respect each other and get along very well – not to mention all the enjoyable verbal boxing.



  1. I love you sweetie! I’ll give you a big long hug when you get home.


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