Posted by: Andy | November 8, 2008


Here’s what I’ve got sitting on my fleshy link pile, clearing out the last of the campaign stuff & some other oddities:

Hackers & spending sprees.  News from the campaigns starts trickling out.

Huge fish.

Old news now, but still touching.  Obama’s grandmother’s vote counted.

I didn’t vote for Obama today.  A cutesy take on the twist ending.

A banker’s wife drags him along with her to canvas for Obama.  He learns shit.

Great moments in election year blogging.  The dumbnuttiest of the dumbnutty?

I had some links about the silly  Barbara West interviews *McCain here)…but I lost track of them.  Anyway she asked Biden some fringe right questions and tossed McCain a bunch of softballs and then claimed to be unbiased, you know the drill.  Biden’s reactions are classic.   I think her husband is a Republican strategist or something.

A real life Eureka?

A Polish man proves the jokes sadly true.  Well, he’s at least as dumb as Michael from The Office at least.

How vampire bats evolved to live on blood alone.

McCain’s (in)famous (?) “or“.



  1. RE: Huge Fish- I’m fascinated by giant animals, but doesn’t that 88lb fish look a little too easy for that guy to hold? Am I missing something?


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