Posted by: Andy | November 9, 2008

revenge of the gnats

We’re being invaded right now.

Not quickly, or overwhelmingly, but monotonously and sparingly.



These little tiny fly/gnat things are spawning by our sink or something.  We’ll kill 3-5 of them, and then there are ALWAYS 3-5 of them in that area. Never more, never less.  You’d think if they were hatching or something the #s would increase past that but NO…leave them alone and there is still that amount.  It’s really maddening.  And one of them landed in my milkshake…..  A N G E R!

We thought they were coming from the trash under the sink, which had some old meat or veggies or something in it…but we took that outside hours ago, checked everything, under the sink, cabinets, etc….but they’re still coming.



  1. My brother in law told me about “sewer gnats.” they come up the drain. Don’t know what you need to do about that, but it might be something to look into.

  2. Milkshakes are fantastic. Revenge must be had.

  3. maybe there’s something in the drain. Pour bleach down it or try to flush it with draino and hot water. It only takes a tiny bit of something down there to make them come

  4. Yeah thanks to Josh I’ve been watching the drain – I’ve had it plugged completely most of the time and they still seem to be multiplying – I’ll try the bleach in a bit though.


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