Posted by: Andy | November 17, 2008

I suppose I should talk about Vegas

…but what happens in Vegas stays there or some bullshit right?

Nahh, seriously we didn’t get into too much  (ok none :p) trouble.  Just lots of drinking and walking and the occasional eating and gambling.

What am I talking about?  I went to Vegas for a few days with some old friends ostensibly to celebrate my 30th birthday, but really it was just an excuse to get some folks together I haven’t seen in too long.  (Tarek I missed your busy ass!  Adrian & Justin I didn’t expect to make it so much, but that would have been cool too).  So, myself, Tim, Levi & Ryan did some Vegas-ing.  They showed me around a bit.  We hunted for the “cheap”  ($5) blackjack tables, which were very hard to find had some cheap & some expensive drinks, and slept in a lot.  Good times were had by all, I think.

Jen went to Sac and took Z to visit with the family – he hasn’t seen most of them for a long time! I hear they had fun too.  Jen got to eat more In’N’Out than I did, so I’m jealous there.

This was the first time Jen & I have been apart over night in a while..somewhere in the 1-2 year range, and the first time ever being apart from Z.  I missed them both a ton of course, but absence makes the etc. and all that.  It was great to see them getting off the plane.  Although I didn’t get to see Z’s face light up because he was asleep!  *pout*

So I’m over some sort of hill/bump/etc. now and that is ok I suppose.  I don’t find it either good or bad, depressing or invigorating. It just is.



  1. I slept with your wife.

  2. Actually, your son.

  3. I suppose this is where I start screaming, “Vegas baby, VEGAS!”? Or not. I think you can only yell that when you’ve actually been.
    Anyway….Bethany: shut the eff up and stop making me laugh so hard!
    P.S. Criss Angel is a douche.

  4. I slept with no one…not even the guys I was staying with wanted to share a bed with me!

    PS. Yes, he is.

  5. P.S. Nu-uh because he dresses all commercial goth and accessorizes!

  6. I’m angry that your friends didn’t want to share your bed. Assholes.


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