Posted by: Andy | November 25, 2008

Heroes: Eclipse, part 1

I want to say “load of MEH” BUT I know it’s just the setup for the boom, and the setup is always clammy.

Random points & observations:

  • It was nice to see Peter tell Nathan off for being a douche, but we know Peter is a whole different kind of douche (the whiny, emo kind).
  • It was nice to see some backstory & potential plot revolving around “the Haitian”.  Maybe we’ll even learn his name! Weeeeee.
  • …I’m not sure how I feel about the back & forth with Sylar/Gabriel.  I was *almost* warming up to him, but if he’s just back to being a villain (a-la Juggernaut retcons, etc.) then double MEH and I really hope that bullet destroys his head (we know the eclipse will probably end right before that though…or some other brazen, life saving coincidence).
  • Elle’s character is all over the place, but maybe that is her character, so I suppose I’m ok with that.
  • Hiro manages to not be insanely annoying as a wannabe child, and there’s a very cute/geeky moment or two at the end.
  • Suresh poved to us that all he really EVER wanted was some tail.  Of course, Maya is blazingly hot, so I can almost forgive him…..but no, he’s still dwelling fiercly in Douchopolis, a suburb of the capital of Douchelandia.
  • There was a really, noticeably long (~10 seconds), impossible to ignore, bottom-up-angled, shot of Claire’s ass in jeans as she walks up some stairs.  The camera angle is strangely low.  I think you see where I’m going here.  I’m sure many thousand obsessive geeks wore out their Tivo rewind buttons and/or obsessively skipped back in Hulu.  Not to mention changed pants.


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