Posted by: Andy | December 2, 2008

City of Heroes….issue 13

Lucky number 13!

Official overview with nice screenshots here.

So yeah, not much going on that I feel like blogging about lately, so I thought I’d flog my hobby just a bit.


No, not like that.

Anyway, still the most fun MMO out there, for me at least.  The lack of massive time & grouping requirements that come with most MMOs is probably what I like the most…easy alting, and still the best avatar design, hands down, in any MMO.  Lots of stuff to like.

This update brings a bunch of random things – as the big feature (player created content) is being delayed until I14 to allow for some last minute perfections – but pretty much all the random things look good to me.

  • Cheaper bases – now it’s that much easier for everyone to have a personal base.  From what I hear, things are downright dirt cheap (rent wise) now, and pretty easy to get all the basic stuff you “need” – teleporters, etc.
  • New powersets: Shields and “pain domination” (think healing for jerks).  I’ll be playing a few shielders and & least give PD a try.  Shields looks to be the most decoration/costume-intense powerset they’ve added yet.  There are a TON of shield options.
  • Easier for casual players to earn the “big” invention drops with the Merit system.
  • New inventions
  • Patrol XP – Like WoW’s “rested” XP I think – you get bonus xp for time logged off.  Great for altaholics like me…..
  • Day Jobs – very funky, and potentially an mmo first (??).  You get weird perks based on where you log your character off, and how long they are logged off in that location for.  I doubt I’ll be pursuing any of these, but they could be nice to get accidentally.
  • A bunch of powerset fixes that make some sets much better: Dark Melee, Invulnerability & Kheldians to name a few.
  • Dual builds – Is this another MMO first?  Basically allows you to have two completely different power set ups (without changing your primary/secondary of course), so you could have 1 for pve & 1 for pvp, etc.
  • Lots more odds & ends.

Anyway.  Yeah.  Video games.  pew pew.  Wom wom wom.

I’ll post some shots of my new characters eventually.  Because.



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