Posted by: Andy | December 3, 2008

when good bands crank the suck up #2 – Bloc Party

What the hell happened to the new Bloc Party album?

Somewhere between the solid 8-10s of the previous two, the knob must have busted and spiraled back to -3.

Seriously, try and listen to the first two songs all the way through.  Head into a music store with a listening booth, borrow it from a friend (if you have a friend who actually bought it), see how much you can streamm of Amazon, download it, whatever.

After those songs the album gets “better”, but only in the sense that I think the first two songs are so bad the make the crap that follows sound good in comparison.  None of the songs are nearly that bad but they just lack any kind of gripping quality that pretty much all previous Bloc Party songs have possessed.

It’s a great big “what the fuck” mystery.  Some new trend in brit-rock?  Are they trying to sound clubbier?  Did they switch the drug of choice for songwriting to toad piss?

Amusingly, it’s sitting at 4.5 stars on Amazon.  More interestingly only 18 people have rated it.  How does that even make sense for a band this popular?  Curiouser and curiouser…

Oh but you don’t get it Andy, they are edgy.  This is  the new sound.  It’s awesome, you just can’t get it.

Bullocks and catpiss.  Here’s to hoping they get it together for #4.

Something odd: google image search did not turn up the proper album cover (at left) in the first oh…how ever long I had patience to scroll through the CoolIris filtered results (very useful for image searches!!).  I had to get the cover from the wiki page.  Very odd.

Edit:  Found this on the wiki page:

In an interview with MTV Canada, Okereke has also said that due to their “four album deal” with their record company, they made it so that each member of the band gets to put their own influences into the album (besides Okereke’s lyrical content). This album features more of Matt Tong’s influences.

No more influences for you Matt Tong!



  1. I had been putting off listening to it for a while because I was afraid that I’d hate it and hate it I did! I know hate’s a strong word and all but if you sum up the general feeling of “turn this the fuck off NOW” then I guess hate’ll do the job. I did like the names of the songs however. If that matters more than content, well, HOORAY! Another winner!
    And I’m surprised you had to search so far and wide to find the cover…who wouldn’t want to see white people mid-kiss? hrrmmmpph.


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