Posted by: Andy | December 9, 2008

Heroes: Our Father

Was 60% serious dumb shit.  I can’t even put my finger on it, but it just was.

I think it’s the “Hiro lost in time” thing AGAIN.  And the depowering-empowering is starting to make me seasick.  I suppose Ando will probably get his powers and now Hiro will be the sidekick.  I think it was that whole scene with Hiro & Arthur was just really, really annoying.  Seriously?  He knew to go there?  I suppose he might have painted it…but it’s not really the future if you’re telling yourself to do it is it?

Sylar is back on the stupidpower bus, and back to being majorly lame I’m sure.  I suppose they had to do that to keep Peter “clean” (and stupid), but it’s still obnoxious.

Annoying brainwashed kid from Lost is here now too.  Huh.  Not sure where they are going with that.  He is good at playing braindead though, so there is that.

I guess, all things considered it’s still pretty decent as far as TV goes.  And it is interesting at least.  And I am curious how they are going to end it, especially such that folks wind up as Fugitives (next season title)…

Still, I don’t think I could sit through it on “actual” TV.  Yay for 2 monitors and Hulu!



  1. Um, why are u still watching this? I’m not saying that as a former fan (I’ve never seen it), I’m saying that as someone who has read your lack of enjoyment in several entries. If you’re gonna force yourself to watch things, there’s dolphin porn.

  2. Here’s the deal with me: I bitch.
    End result: I feel a little better.

    Outside perspective result: Does he hate everything?
    Answer: No, not really.

    Relative to the show: I like it, as much as I can like TV anyway. Even if annoying, at this point it’s still as interesting as serialized television with all it’s plot pitfalls and entrapments in fan-character-popularity-BS gets. For me anyway.

    And again, I don’t place such a huge emphasis on something that’s not required to maintain my full attention – I have difficulties with that in general + TV. It’s really only got a 40-60% attention value.

  3. I don’t think you hate everything. Mostly Heroes. BTW, you’re missing great story lines on Criminal Intent.


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