Posted by: Andy | December 9, 2008

there’s a really positive Wrath of the Lich King review

up on Slashdot.

And it’s so well written it almost makes me want to play again.


Maybe if City of <Heroes/Villains> hadn’t just released a new update as well (as I mentioned here)…



  1. Yeeeah, WoW has no competitors, lemme just toss that out there. If you’re going from awesome to awe-inspiringly, ridiculously freakin’ amazing… I think you’ve got the market cornered. Well, that and the use of Mr. T and Ozzy.

  2. Within it’s genre, yes.

    But also don’t forget to include “mind-numbingly, hour-grindingly boring” mixed in there as well.

    We take the good, we take the bad, and then we have…

    I dunno, something. Surely something.

  3. I guess in three years, I’ve never experienced the boring part….?

    Oh, and you were thinking of the facts of life. The facts of life.


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