Posted by: Andy | December 13, 2008


I scour the web so you don’t have to!!!

…OK…actually I probably just scoured others’ scourings, so you have to scour slightly less than your otherwise normal level of scouring.

An interesting interview with Obama’s campaign manager, David Plouffe.

You probably saw this alread – but it’s still funny.  Hint: Girl loses virginity, accidentally texts daddy.  Potential fake of course.

AV Club interviews Neil Patrick Harris.  Out of place I know, but I came across it somewhere and he actually comes across like a nice guy.

Wizards put up a really interesting article about what the various technical “zones” in Magic (the Gathering) represent with respect to an “actual” mage duel.  

At least one koranic scholar is finally asking the questions that biblical scholars have for years.  Specifically, he’s suggesting that the koran was written by humans interpreting god’s will or something like that so, you know, the text could be flawed. *gasp*!

Dispatches from future Cyborgia:

  • computers helping mute man speak.  
  • Japanese scientists working on a computer that can translate images in your head (like dreams!) onto a TV monitor.  I suppose I should find it.  
  • robot hand helps guitarist play again –  The trippy thing about this article is that this is how I found out a band I was broken up.  From a random medical news story!

People are suing Haliburton/KBR for sickening folks in a military base in Iraq.  Surprise!  There’s some gross shit in there.

A long article on what really went down between Georgia & Russia (or at least some very informed folks’ take on it).  Worth reading if you’re into world events, news, etc.

Really weird Austrailian PSA.  I think it’s legit…I think it’s inspired by a fake/hoax internet story though.

Really cool story about Dean Kamen (the Segway guy) – he’s a genius or some junk.  Fascinating.

Very lucky/unlucky dog.

Uncensored secret ending for the game Meat Boy.  Hint: hot coffee.  

Ta-Nehisi put up a post about interracial dating and the like, the comments thread is pretty interesting reading (in a good way).

Neat article on the Netflixx suggestion algorithm and the Napolean Dynamite problem.

The Guardian’s bad sex writing in non-porn books awards.  Or something like that.


That’s fucking nuts isn’t it??

Speaking of uh…craziness.  Yeah:



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