Posted by: Andy | December 17, 2008

heroes season 3 finale

Don’t read if you don’t want spoilers.


This episode was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be, because stuff actually happened…for the most part.

I have to say, if Peter is going to stick around – which he will, prettttty much forever I expect, since the writers have given several indications that they are not allowed to kill off the core cast (Claire at the very least, most likely Claire, HRG, Peter, Nathan, Sylar & Mr. Muggles – with Matt, blonde clone & Mohinder on the “probably” list)  – he might as well have his powers.  Seriously.  He’s obnoxious with or without, but at least with he’s interesting.

Nathan going stone cold bastard.  Ok sure, sure, Haiti changed him and he wanted to change the world.  Then what, he threw a hissy fit and decided to take away everyone’s toys?  That is kind of in character for his bitch ass…so maybe.  But I would think he would have just tried to save the formula, then when that failed hooked up with blonde clone and Mohinder & started over.

I guess that marine wasn’t that badass.  I was expecting extra durability too….

Haha: dead target villains, who we knew were just filler and would die eventually.

Funny/sad: 2 characters from the web/comics – iron hands man and Echo (I think!!).  I really liked Echo…so I hope that wasn’t him I saw mixed in with the bodies, but dude looked familiar.  Yeah, fuck it was him.  Well, that’s annoying.  His powers would have been pretty easy to do too, and interesting.  Iron hands guy…who fucking cares.

Silly: Claire’s whole plotline. *in really effeminate voice*: OVER IT.

Hopefully next season will focus on some other folks – I saw Micah’s pic in the pile thaht was passed to the president, don’t think I saw Claire or Peter in there.

Hiro/Ando: Hmm.  I’m bummed about Hiro’s power loss, but I suspect they are taking the smart path and doing NO MORE TIME TRAVEL.  Because it’s annoying and poorly used in the context of the show.  I also saw an interview that said (in code) that he won’t be getting his powers back next season either – so I guess now it’s his turn to play sidekick.  Ok, I can buy that.  Hopefully they stick around.  I like Ando’s power I guess.  The comic had some other people with the same ability, but his looks a bit more flexible, as he can possibly shoot electricity too (the powers were zapping stuff in the lab, and in the flashforward early in the season, he was zapping ?Hiro? with them).   Maybe he can do the reverse too so they have something else to use against

Sylar.  Who I’m SURE isn’t dead.  Duh. Even though this is his best death yet!!! The explosion probably shook the glass free.  How else is he going to go look up his daddy next season?



  1. Still not sure why you still watch that show.

  2. Could I say still one more time? STILL.

  3. I was talking to someone in game about that last night – we’re both in a similar position. My take on it is that we’re invested to the point where it would have to be really bad to drive us away. And it’s not really bad yet.


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