Posted by: Andy | December 22, 2008

so I’m the only one not blown away by the new Batman

or so it seems?

It took me about a week to watch it – I took a break at the Joker-in-jail scene because it was getting to be too much.

Sure, the acting, the special effects, the scenery, props, casting (except for someone with a really old face) was great.  But the story?  Meh.  I had to force myself to watch the end of it.  Nevermind that the plot was pretty formulaic – especially if you’re a comic reader (and I imagine even if you’re not) – as “wacky and twist-turny” as it was, it was still very predictable.  NOW, here’s the thing – I don’t need to be surprised by movies, not at all.  But what annoys me is when movies try really hard to surprise you again and again.  That gets old.

All that aside, I think the main thing was just the Joker – he was way too much.  Overboard.  Seriously people?  Seriously?  He was like, super-genius beyond genius in this flick.  And he just appeared out of nowhere – a blank slate smarter and much more prepared than Batman.  This movie should have been called “Batman loses” – because that’s what happened.  The Joker got exactly what he wanted, pretty much to the letter, and all Batman got was…uh…what did he get?  I have no idea.  (Yes yes I get how it functions as a mythos builder and how Batman needs this to learn, and how Joker is the counter insane to Batman’s sane-beyond-insane blah blah).

Oh, and the bit at the end where Batman decides the murders have to be pinned on him.  SERIOUSLY?  That was the only plot option you could find?  REALLY?  Because just saying the Joker did it…or that they were other random unsolved cases wouldn’t fly in a Gotham RAMPANT with random murder and corruption?  You really think anyone would have thought twice if Gordon said that the Joker was behind these other killings?



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