Posted by: Andy | December 25, 2008

christmas links

OK, so these pretty much have nothing to do with Christmas, other than that I’m up at 630am feeling like shit because Z is sick and slept with us last night, which means he woke me up every 15-30mins.  So enjoy.

Inventive way to catch crooks.

Dispatch from future cyborgia: baby modified in the womb not to have breast cancer gene.

Some amusing Diesel Sweetie comics.

A long interview with that Rick Warren guy.

Pretty much the weirdest way to die & then try to take others with you on accident.

LOLCODE amuses me, and I’m tempted to find a compiler.

A piece on the whistleblower who exposed the warrantless wiretaps.  Or one of them anyway.

Old people learnin‘ shit from newfangled contraptions.

Someone’s finally going to take the Vatican to court for covering up sex abuse stuff.  I doubt it will go anywhere, but who knows.

US anti-kidnapping expert kidnapped in Mexico.  For  you folks who are big fans of irony.  Between the kidnappings and the drug violence Mexico is sounding like not so much of a vacation “deal” anymore…

Summary of the Madoff bullshit.   Really a shame the death penalty is not an option.  A human interest angle on the story.

Pentagon pro-troop group misspent millions.  A lobbying organization which spends most of its money throwing parties for itself??  Surprise!

Oh, and Merry Christmas!  Because if there’s one thing that annoys me more than crazy religious people, it’s crazy anti-religious people.  Well, they’re close anyway.



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