Posted by: Andy | December 31, 2008

You fell down the stairs! Skip your turn.

So this morning, like a dumbass, I slip on our attic/bedroom stairs and fall – twisting my arm/shoulder and hitting my neck on the stairs in the process.  It’s quite painful, and my chiropractor tells me the same kind of thing as getting whiplash.  The doctor just gave me Vicodin.

And the beat goes on…



  1. What you need to do is crush those pills up in a straw by chewing on the outside of it until they’re a fine powder. Then mix it with water (or soda?) and inject it into the back of your hand. I saw it once on Intervention. It worked.

  2. Yeah…what Bethany said.
    Desperate times…

  3. Short of that, wander through the nearest nursing home and look for something called Dilaudid…

  4. Um no and no.
    I’ll just hang around wincing.

  5. *sigh*
    Suit yourself…

  6. ah Vicodin. what a true friend of the pained. hope you’re better.

  7. Actually, I think I’m immune to Vicodin. It doesn’t seem to do anything. The first couple nights I got a little nausea for a few seconds, but that was it. It doesn’t seem to make me tired, less sore, etc.


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