Posted by: Andy | January 12, 2009

goings on

Life continues.

My back is feeling a lot better…I think thanks at least in part to “cupping” (seriously).  OK, it was nowhere near that cool – but it was the same principle.  Little metal cup, air gets sucked out of it, sucking blood up to the surface of your back.  Or whatever.  Afterwards your back looks nice and bruised, like so:


He warned me that it would probably hurt more for a day or so, but it didn’t, and within 24 hours I’d started to feel noticeably better.  I think that night was the last night I needed the Vicodin to help me sleep.  Yay!

Z continues to be a precious little brat.  He really likes grunting over and over for things, even when he knows the words, and he’s working on his mad tantrum skilz.

Baby #2 is almost here!!  Less than 2 months!  I think we’re all covered/prepared, but you never know *cues Jaws music*.

Hopefully at least the new baby will bring lots of visitors !

We drove up to Olympia (capital of Washington bitches!) yesterday for kicks.  Ok, ostensibly it was so I could get a feel for the area because I may include it in the book I’m working on…but we really needed to get out of the house.  Lucky for us it rained almost the whole way home!  And it was pitch dark at 5pm!! Yay!   It seems like a pretty decent town – although I did find it odd that all the burger joints (that we could find) were “huts”.  Literally.  Most of them didn’t even have places to sit.  We stopped at one that supposedly won best burger in the state in somesuch competition and the burgers were good, but totally not worth $10.  I don’t think any burger (with fries) is worth ten dollars (maybe with fries AND a drink!), but hey, we were really hungry and had a burger craving.

And tonight I started (hopefully – by that I mean hopefully I’ve started a process that continues) running again.  The crazy thing’s probably been around 2 years since I ran last and I made it over a mile and half without stopping.  Yeah yeah I know that’s nothing.  Whatever, fuck you – it’s a lot for me! :).  I think I was barely up to running (I should specify that my use of “running” here is probably closer to what a runner would call “jogging”) a mile before I stopped last time – and that was after semi regular runs for several months.

And the beat goes on.



  1. Starting with Cher and the incessant hair throwing: ask Jenny about an old friend of Auntie’s named Cindy who thought she sounded just like Cher, despite being boo-ed out of the karaoke bar. *straight face….cracking*

    Other than that, you are amazing for running that long, as a person who cannot run at all and wishes she could. It looks like such a poetic release.

    Babies bring people. As they should. And even though everyone hurts your feelings by saying otherwise, they’re coming to see you, too. Don’t tell MF this (ya like that) but my trip planning kinda revolves around the current household of Frenchers. I keep forgetting Jenny’s preggers. I’m just coming to live with you. As soon as I can afford tickets.

  2. That’s the first thing I thought – “damn she messes with her hair A LOT!”

    We’ll see how I do next time..probably try again tonight after Z goes to sleep.

    Hmm, maybe we should have more babies then….

  3. I thought that was the diabolical part of why you guys were so into procreation!! Don’t act like this isn’t planned!

  4. great you’re running again, we are too, or more-so we’re jogging also.
    I would like to plan a trip up your way before baby arrives and then again after baby arrives…so let’s make that happen.
    Also. that back thing sounds crazy.

  5. Our weekends are open – get up here! 🙂

    As for after the baby that would be cool too – I think Bethany is here the first week or two, so at some point after that.


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