Posted by: Andy | January 14, 2009


As in Airborne Toxic Event.  I think I actually heard them first on the radio, then tracked them down online.  Very cool.

Like the National meets Arctic Monkeys with the bitter wit of Pulp. Kinda.  Anyway, here’s some stuff to check:

The video of the first song I heard “Sometime Around Midnight”:

I only remembered the announcer saying something about “toxic event”, luckily that phrase is relatively rare in music (so far!) and I was able to find it from there.  I dig the song structure (in addition to the sound of course).  The electric violin is amusing too.

An acoustic version of “Gasoline”:

Part of a 10 part myspace series where each track is performed acoustic I guess – definitely a different sound than the album.  Probably worth checking out all 10.

I’m kind of annoyed that they’re from Los Feliz though…lot’s of douches out there IIRC.  But hey, maybe they are cool cats…who knows.

Anyway, I’ll be picking hard copy up when I get some spare fundage.  It’s at least a 7.5/10, potentially an 8.7ish.  I’ll give it a few months and see.



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