Posted by: Andy | January 22, 2009

things to be thankful for: good jobs

So my boss & I had this phone call the other day with this guy selling online training software.  You know, teaches you Excel, Word, networking, Cisco stuff, whatever. IT related stuff.

First off, the guy obviously had no idea how we function as a business – he was quite obviously used to working with big businesses that, by the sound of the way he talked, functioned very similarly to the ones depicted in the pages of Dilbert.

Second, stop asking us the same damn question if we don’t have an answer.  I suspect he had a sales script to run through that worked well on the aforementioned type of business – the kind that overworks its employes and manages & middle-manages everything to death.

Anyway, what was my point?  Oh yeah, so he was saying something about how if you have some big project coming up, and you need to prepare for it and learn some things in order to deploy/do it and whatnot, you should go through the relevant courses.  OK, that’s all fine and good – it’s when he suggests you should go through them: on your lunch hour, or maybe at home when you have some free time.

Wow.  That made me more thankful than ever that I don’t work in the cubicHELLs of  Big Business.  Some must seriously expect you to spend your unpaid free time working or preparing to work on something for them.  IE, more work for less pay.  What kind of job must that be when someone’s first impulse is  “Do more work on your lunch break.”  Now, I’m not above working on a lunch break, or skipping a lunch break, or eating while working – I’ve done all that before.  But only occasionally – if it became a matter of habit I’d change that shit right quick.

That being said – I can see how, from a personal angle you might want to better yourself, prepare for some certifications, etc.  Something like that, outside of your work requirements, well that’s a fine thing to do on your own time. BUT if it’s for the purpose of something specifically required in your job duties (not gearing yourself up for a promotion, whatever) that is just lame.



  1. Agreed. The only thing worse might be having to beg your superiors to train you for procedures that are not only NOT common sense but also have to do with the law and not getting shot by the “clientele”. Bananas.


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