Posted by: Andy | January 25, 2009

come – get some!…links

Links says “All your lunchbreaks are belong to us! ”

A comparison (and genealogy if you will) of the Windows 7 & Mac OS X taskbars.

Some weird article that may be a hoax or random exaggeration about “The” Plague killing Al Qaeda operatives.

Images of unsold cars piling up at distribution centers.

How to move a boat without an engine, paddle, or sails.  Cool tech.  Getting closer at least.

Awesome satellite images from the Inauguration.  Seriously, check ’em out.

A gallery of Obama inauguration headlines from around the country, world, etc.

Does wealth increase orgasm quality?  Quantity?  Someone did a study.   Golddigers – now we know what you’re really after!

Somewhere, someone is wrong on the internet.  Always worth reposting ;).

Some weird little venomous mammals.  I think it’s crazy that we’re still discovering (or getting confirmation of) new animals.

Life as we know it nearly created in lab.  Can’t out-summarize the headline.

More from Ars on the Windows 7 beta.

Christopher Priest (if you’re not a comic geek – he’s the 1st black editor at BOTH Marvel & DC – sad I know – and a great writer as well) on what might have been DC’s first gay character, Triumph.   His web site is full of all kinds of fascinating prose about the comic industry & his work in general.  His “the last time Priest discusses race in comics” is a must read.  I didn’t link to his front page earlier because it’s NSFW (no complaints here though! 😉 ).  Here’s the link.

An inerteresting interview with an Adware author.

Emailing in your sleep?  I guess someone is.  It seems like the drugs would be the issue here…

Singapore’s last rural village about to chase the dodo?

Marvel hits 3rd printing on the Spider-Man issue with Obama in it.  It’s probably up to 4 by now.  You’d think they would need official permission to do something like that.  The Obama story was pretty silly, and the rest of the issue doesn’t lend itself very well to a jumping on issue – which is what it could be with all those copies sold.

Ann Coulter defends D&D (you’ve gotta read down a few paragraphs.  I know; I’m sorry) – but only because it serves her purposes of course.

Killer typos.

This made me laugh out loud.  Several times.  You need to click on the first link to see the image – that’s what got me.  I love the absurd.



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